TSTAZ and The Satanic Temple Present
the "Impurity Ball"

February 11th, 7:00PM
Sessions will adjourn for our offsite entertainment at Pub Rock, 8005 E Roosevelt St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 at 7:00 PM Friday.

The Satanic Temple Arizona & The Satanic Temple Present Impurity Ball 2022 featuring a raucous night of music, ritual, and debauchery mocking the gross and weird "Purity Balls" of evangelical origin in what will be a display of bodily autonomy, personal growth, and the joys of sinning with abandon.


TST Arizona's Joan d’Snarc, Clint Julep, Katrina Rainsong & Sarah Starling will be strutting their stuff throughout the night alongside the legendary Szandora LaVey in what can only be described as as a fully stacked bill.


DJ's Apollynon & Zander Buel will be spinning throughout the evening, and the night will cap off with Chicago's goth club pop trio Pixel Grip a month before they head out on tour.


Proof of vaccination REQUIRED
N95/KN95/surgical mask REQUIRED

The Party's Over but the Memories Remain

Check out our gallery to catch a glimpse of the debauchery that was The Impurity Ball 2022